YouTube video editor.. using creative commons

For a couple of years, YouTube is giving option for you to post the videos you upload to publish with ‘creative commons (‘CC BY‘)’ license. This allows YouTube and other users of YouTube to use your uploaded video content to be used even for commercial purpose, with an attribution to the original creator/uploader of the content.

With this new policy, any of us can use Youtube’s video editor to mix any video contents in their data base (search-able by ‘keyword,creativecommons’).

How do I make video using Youtube video editor:

You will need your own youtube channel. Log in and you will be directed towards the video editing interface like

YouTube video editor interface

YouTube video editor interface

This you can find on the left side panel (‘creator’), after you click on your ‘video manager’ in the drop down menu of your ‘avatar’.
Once you reach here, click on the tab ‘cc’ to search for all video content in Youtube which offers CC BY license. The tab showing camera icon will help you to upload any photos and that of ‘music symbol’ will allow you to search all royalty free music files in their database. Play around to get used to it. ..

Warning: Make sure you select contents from ‘original’ creators, especially if you wish to monetize it later.

Here is my attempt,

The above mentioned video is under the license ‘CC BY’.