My new blog for artworks

Dear friends,

From today onwards, you can find my artworks including wallpapers, web icons, badges, designs, etc,. in my new blog- vinayArts . This idea came to my mind some days before. To be frank, the main purpose is to put some google ads in to my blogs. Since wordpress is not supporting javascripts to add the google ads, I have to post my artworks in to the blogspot. But I will continue posting in my wordpress blog about linux, web design, automobiles, etc,.

Please visit my new blog and comment your valuable suggestions..


3 thoughts on “My new blog for artworks

  1. sorry rixCoirl, I was not able to update anything; since I am very busy with my work. Also I dont have GIMP within my office computer.
    Will try to update once I purchase a laptop..

    thanks for watching

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